Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seeing the dentist today, should I ask him about meningioma & X-rays?

Having just read the recent study on the possible relationship between X-rays and meningioma, I am wondering about my dentist appointment today.  Should I ask him if he’s heard of the study? If he wants to take X-rays, should I say “yes”? I know that the intensity of the X-rays is much lower now, but so is the capacity of my head to ward off such invasions. Or is that really true? Am I more susceptible now that I’ve had a tumor? 

I wish we knew more about this.

If they want to take X-rays, I’m going to politely decline.  I think that fixing a cavity is easier to fix than a re-energized brain tumor.

Has anybody else faced this situation?  What have you done?


l,mona said...

my dentist sort of tolerates my dislike of xrays. she knows I've had plenty of medical nuking, and she's given up on cajoling me into more than a little look, none of those panorama deals. look how mad I am in the middle panel of my cartoon!!!

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