Tuesday, August 12, 2014

“What I Have Learned In the Six Months Since My Brain Tumor Surgery...”

On the whole, I’ve found brain tumor bloggers to be particularly thoughtful and introspective. In the throes of surgeries, money struggles, physical struggles, mental struggles and a host of other issues, they often find time to write poignant, insightful postings that make me stop and think.

Here’s a link to an terrific ABTA Inspire posting that explains what the writer has learned and a whole lot more. Some of her insights include the following:
  • Always be kind to people because you do not know what they may be dealing with beneath the surface.
  • Technology is awesome.
  • People are fundamentally good and kind.
  • Some people are surprisingly unkind to those who are facing adversity.
  • Sometimes an eyelid twitch is just an eyelid twitch, or is it?

PS - To be clear, I didn't learn these important lessons - this unidentified brain tumor survivor did.

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