Friday, November 30, 2012

A Happy Ependymoma Story

Ependymoma stories don’t always end up with happy endings, but here is a story I read while back in Michigan for the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to Zlati Meyer, the Detroit Free Press staff writer, “The nightmare began after a week of nonstop vomiting misdiagnosed by their pediatrician.” Only after they took their young child to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids did a doctor suspect something was wrong after feeling that the soft spot on Abby's head was puffy. It was the day Abby turned 10 months old.”

Meyer goes on to report that “A CAT scan revealed a brain tumor wrapped around her brain stem -- an ependymoma that physicians theorized formed in utero and is very rare in a child so young. The Greers were told to give their daughter a kiss, because she'd be put into a medically induced coma for several days before what would be a 12 1/2-hour surgery to remove the tumor.”

Yes, you read that right, twelve and a half hours. My surgery was, gee, about half that long and I thought that was forever.

Her dad, Brandon Greer remembered when, shortly thereafter in the intensive care unit, he knew things would be OK. "I kissed her toes ... and she giggled. It was her first reaction. She had a little smile on her face. I never cried so hard in my life. I knew my baby was coming back to me."

Now it that doesn’t hit you in your soft spot, you don’t have one.
For more about Abby’s fight, her treatments and a great video, try this link:


tara P said...

My 18 no month old just had his removed 10 hr surgery. Now we are about to start radiation. What treatment did your son have? How is he doing? Hope he is well!

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