Friday, March 23, 2012

Brain Tumors, Running & an Early Morning on Lake Michigan

As many of you know, in the I was diagnosed with a Grade I meningioma brain tumor in the Fall of 2010.  My first operation was in October of that year.  Shortly after Thanksgiving we discovered that my wound (i.e. my skull) was infected. After several procedures, the infected skull was removed – much like Gabby Giffords.  After a lot of really strong antibiotics and significant rehab, I got a new and improved prosthetic skull (made out of the finest plastic and very similar to bowling ball material) glued into my skull.  In late Spring of 2011, I had a radiation blast and have been on the mend ever since. 

Here’s the strange part: I’m one of the lucky ones. About one third of brain tumors are meningioma, which is considered “benign” (and if you think benign means “no harm”, you need to visit  All other brain tumors are much more invasive, faster growing and destructive. All of us – scientists, doctors and patients - have a lot to learn about why people get brain tumors and how to help folks who get them.

So I’m raising money by running in the American Brain Tumor Association’s “Breakthrough for Brain Tumors” fund-raiser on the cinematic shore of Lake Michigan on Saturday, May 12th.  The route, starting in Montrose Harbor, will give you glorious views of Lake Michigan, a great lake shore park and out-of-shape joggers puffing and wheezing.

Since the fun run starts at 7:45 am, I can promise you gallons of coffee and all sorts of other fun-run goodies.

Please join my team – creatively named “Johns Tumor” - to raise $ to help find solutions to this nasty, scary, debilitating disease. If you can't run in the fun run, or even walk in the fun run, you can just send money.  In fact, the website won't know the difference.

Still not convinced?  Look at how happy I was after finishing last year's run...or it might have been the sugar high from the post-run sweets.


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