Friday, February 8, 2013

"It's Just Benign" - Connecting Benign Brain Tumor Survivors Everywhere

Like the slogan? Buy the T-shirt!  Now you, too, can wear the wonderful It’s Just Benign T-Shirt. 

It’s Just Benign is a terrific organization that supports brain tumor victims and friends and families and caregivers and a bunch of other folks I neglected to include. It’s mission in life is simple: “To provide information, support, and a means of communication for those diagnosed with benign brain tumors.”

While I’ve written about It’s Just Benign before, if you’re new to this site or this is an unfamiliar organization, throw into the browser of your choice and get connected.

Personally, I like the “Forum” discussions under the “members” tab.

And here’s a link to buy the T-shirt: 

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