Monday, November 18, 2013

Alternative holistic treatments for Stage IV Glioblastoma

There is an really good, if sobering, series of discussions on the website about alternative holistic treatments for Stage IV Glioblastoma:

Suggestions from readers range from adopting a ketogenic diet, to a bag of raw bitter apricot seeds, to a listing of alternative treatments that are natural and holistic.

At the same time, several readers have talked about mental trauma and need to embrace palliative care.

Some of the postings come from folks who have embraced radical diet and lifestyle changes. You can read about one of the more interesting, and apparently successful, here:

Some of the postings seem like miracles, e.g. one posting reports an incredible improvement after adopting a vegan diet. Other postings report no improvement after doing something quite similar.

I’m not sure what to make of all of this. I guess that most victims and their loved ones continue to search for cures until the very last moment (duh!). I also read extreme pain and anguish into the final moments (double duh!!). 

So I give you these links as a reminder that you are not alone; that others have the same pain and trials; and that that there is a site where you can post your thoughts and fears and others understand, really understand.

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Priyanka Shruti said...

I have been following this website for more than 2 years now, admin kindly post and share this to give other brain tumor patients hope that they can get a cure.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with GBM after a CAT scan. I went through neurosurgery, radiation, and 14 months of chemo treatments but the symptoms all remained and even doubled, the constant thundering headache, seizures was twice than it was before, i could no longer think straight and i had constant mood swing and trouble speaking i was almost feeling at the gate of hell because these symptoms were unbearable. I am retired but very active spending my time to make the world a better place. I retired from a career in law and non-profit administration, and judging from how active i was this new life was not working and i was patiently waiting for when i will give up the ghost. My husband never accepted the fact that he will lose me to the cold hands of death which was what made him to seek other treatment options and that was how he came across "elixir" a herbal medicine treatment which i took for 12 weeks and it gave me a second chance in life, gave me a new life and totally cured me of my cancer. My neurologist had told me before then while i was at the hospital that i had less than 4 months with the rate at which the tumor was growing and expanding. I am happy today because i am completely free of cancer because i have ran several tests and diagnosis because i am still in shock on the efficacy of elixir. Never give up hope or rely only on chemo or other surgical treatments because herbs work too, i never believed until now that i have experienced it. You can contact doctor Rahul personally for advise, counselling and how to get elixir on I am grateful for every day that I am still alive and well.

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