Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ketogenic Diet for Brain Tumor Patients: ABTA Webinar

When the American Brain Tumor Association announced an online webinar about the Ketogenic Diet, I realized that alternative medicine and the Ketogenic Diet have gone mainstream (at least for brain tumor patients).

I’ve been reluctant to jump on the Ketogenic bandwagon because I’ve read blog/victim posts about the diet working and about it not working. I also worry that some alternative medicines are being promoted without the scientific rigor and examination that traditional treatments have had.

At the same time, I also worry that traditional western medicine isn’t open to new or alternative or creative solutions to our ongoing brain tumor problem. In fact, Clifton Leaf’s wonderful book – “The Truth in Small Doses” – makes clear that our current system for evaluating new solutions for combating cancer is hugely flawed and practically shuns creative, out-of-the box solutions.

So if you’re a victim or caregiver or friend or family member affected by brain tumors, here’s the promotional blurb for the webinar: 

“More and more patients and families are turning to integrative medicine to fight their brain tumor diagnosis.  One such integrative treatment is the Ketogenic Diet. Join Leonora Renda, RDN, of University of Arizona Cancer Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center as she discusses what the Ketogenic diet is, how to achieve ketosis, the challenges associated with this specialty diet and the results that have been seen thus far in the research studies.”

You can read more about the webinar and sign up for it here: 

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