Thursday, February 12, 2015

Buy a Butterfly, Help a Kid

I hate Ependymoma and I love the CERN Foundation:
Ependymoma is a rare type of primary brain or spinal cord tumor. Primary tumors are those that start in either the brain or spine. It is more common in children than adults (ugh) and is the third most common pediatric brain tumor, which to my way of thinking, is horrific: here’s a brain tumor that specializes in whacking young, innocent children.

Luckily the good folks at the CERN Foundation are doing everything they can to help patients and caregivers fight this relentless, wicked disease.

To better understand how horrible Ependymoma is, I started reading the “CERN Inspiration” stories on their website:

I read a about Hanna - “I am nineteen years old. I will be twenty years old in a week. Ironically enough, on April 1, 1997 (April Fools Day), when I was just four years of age, I had a grand mal seizure in bed.” I am trying to imagine what she felt or her parents’ felt and even though I’m neither, I just feel sick.

But wait, it gets worse.  Alexa and her parents learned about a “Large mass” on her brain two weeks before her third birthday. She went on to have eight (8) more brain tumors.

Shelby was age 1 when she was diagnosed with Grade III Ependymoma. Read her entire story but I’ve copied this paragraph about her early diagnosis because as I read it I felt like I got kicked in the stomach. “When we arrived at the children’s hospital they immediately conducted an MRI. Once the images came back, we met with the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology team as well as a surgeon. The consensus was that surgery must be performed to remove the tumor, as it was wrapped around her basil artery, slowly suffocating her brain.”

There’s more stories: some have happy-ish endings, some don’t have happy endings.

You Can Help: Buy a Butterfly for Ependymoma Awareness Day

I love Butterflies as a symbol for Ependymoma victims. I love it because butterflies embody both the beauty and the fragility of each victim.  Each butterfly you buy raises money for important research into solutions for this stupid disease. On May 5th – the CERN Foundation will have a mass release of all the butterflies bought to help wipe out Ependymoma. My wish is that we buy so many butterflies that they blot out the sun and help stamp out Ependymoma.

I’ve bought my butterfly. You can buy your butterfly here:   

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