Saturday, December 5, 2015

Connie Marois: Her Brain Tumor Story on Tuesday, 12/8 @ 1PM EST

I think survivor stories are important. When I was in drowning in the emotional quicksand of the aftermath of my initial operation,I would have loved to read a survivor story. I’m sure they would have given me some hope, some motivation and some faint belief that if this person could survive, I could too. 

When I did find other brain tumor survival blogs I found some comfort in fact that there were others who had some idea of the pain and uncertainty and terror that I was going through.

So, for those of you who are going through that pain and uncertainty and terror, I want to make you aware of this upcoming survivor story on healtheo360:

“Brain cancer survivor Connie shares her inspiring story from diagnosis to treatment and what motivates her as an advocate for brain tumor awareness and funding. Recently, she participated and spoke briefly about her experience at this year's New York BreakThrough 

For Brain Tumors Run/Walk. She joins Dave and Courtland at 1pm right here on” (That's Tuesday December 8th at 1PM EST.)

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