Wednesday, March 9, 2016

U.S. President Jimmy Carter Stopping Immunotherapy Treatment

Here’s the good news, ABC News reports that “Just months after finding out he had metastatic cancer, former President Jimmy Carter announced this weekend that his doctors have said he no longer needs cancer treatment thanks in part to a groundbreaking new kind of medication that trains the immune system to fight cancer tumors.” For the full story see
This adds more evidence to the theory/findings/belief that immunotherapies are the next best weapon for fighting cancers of any kind.

According to Gillian Mohney, who wrote the posting on the ABC News website, “Carter announced that his doctors are stopping his immunotherapy treatment called pembrolizumab after they saw no signs of tumors over a period of three months. While he has no evidence of the disease, doctors will monitor Carter closely to see if the cancer reoccurs, a representative for the former president said.”

She goes on to write that The drug works as a ‘checkpoint inhibitor,’ altering certain pathways in the immune system so that the antibodies can identify and fight any tumors in the body the way they might fight a virus or cold, experts said. The medication is much less toxic than chemotherapy, but it can react in colon, liver or lung inflammation, according to published studies. Researchers are still trying to determine how long the medication can prompt the immune system to keep fighting.”

I’ve written about immunotherapies and their potential before. If you’re interested in more information, Google immunotherapies, or watch the ABTA webinar on immunotherapies for brain tumors:

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