Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dental X-Rays, Dithering & Amy Marash

After dithering about what to do when the dentist, or his competent assistant, tells me that it’s time for X-rays, I finally went to my dentist appointment.

His competent assistant explained how safe X-rays are now (compared to what they were years ago) saying, “You get the same amount of radiation in ten minutes when you’re outside”.  This implicit acknowledgement of their prior un-safeness was spoken with silky smoothness that I could only admire. I thought she’s in the wrong business; she should be in public relations making big buckaroos.

But I tried to remain calm as I stated that this was an emotional issue for me and I would decline at this time.

I wasn’t sure how to describe my feelings until Amy Marash recently sent me a short email and link to her blog that has several cartoons posted about X-rays, insurance and dentists: http://cancerissofunny.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-wonderful-dental-plan.html

She does a nice job, doesn’t she?  The next time somebody brings this up to me, I’m just going to send them this link.


AMY said...

thanks John, you rock!!

Suzan St Maur said...

Love your blog, John!

I am a 2 x cancer veteran (breast and bladder, unrelated) and ran a blog about the humorous stuff that surrounds treatment of this awful Beast. The blog is dormant now as a) I'm in remission, knock on wood, and b) I'm hoping to turn the content into a book.

Have a look at it - http://CancerComicStrip.blogspot.com.

As my pal Amy said, you rock!

Suzan St Maur

John's Brain said...


Thanks for your support, but having read some of your old postings that cracked me up, I'm disappointed that you're not still blogging. Personally, I think that "Freaks and Cheeks" says it all.


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