Friday, May 4, 2012

Does online cognitive training help geezers?

In a word, “yes”, according to a recent study by Lumosity among Lumosity users (which is also a caveat).

A recent Lumosity posting reported that (they): “examined game score data from 132,147 members of all ages who played four different Lumosity games. Dr. Kacey Ballard presented these findings at the 2012 Cognitive Neuroscience Society conference, and now we’d like to share what we learned about typical baseline ability and the amazing effects of regular training.”

The key findings were:

1. “Our findings support general aging research showing that fluid and crystallized intelligence decline at different rates.”

2. They also found out that, based on the data from these four games, “…users of all ages improved at all games.” To the degree that you believe that these games are truly representative of different aspects of intelligence, this is good news.

3. And perhaps most encouragingly, “age differences can be largely eliminated through training. Anyone of any age can improve—achieving brain performance comparable to that of a younger person!”

Here’s a link to the article on their blog:

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