Saturday, March 9, 2013

Great Deal on the SHARPBRAINS 2012 Virtual Summit

Yes, you read that right, SHARPBRAINS is offering a good deal on the sessions from last year’s virtual summit. How good of a deal? $15. 

So what do I get for my hard-earned $15?

According to the email I received, I would get “…more than 25 hours of exclusive presentations from over 40 lead­ing minds as they discuss the latest on applied neuroplasticity and brain health. These presentations, which took place during the 2012 Sharp­Brains Virtual Summit, shed light on some of the most important questions about the current and future state of brain health and wellness:
  • How can the health industry better incorporate the body's most vital organ -- the brain?
  • How are consumer beliefs and behaviors towards brain health and brain training evolving?
  • Which professional groups are ideally positioned to become "brain fitness coaches"?
  • How can neuroscience inform special education?
  • How can Big Data and global internet access transform brain health practices?”
 The downside? Well, the presentations are a year old and in this business, a lot happens in a year. On the other hand, if you’re in need of better brain fitness, and I am, this looks like a cheap way to get some solid info. 

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