Monday, July 8, 2013

ABTA Brain Tumor Webinars on Demand

The American Brain Tumor Association (i.e. “ABTA”) calls them “Anytime Learning” and you can find this nifty* webinar series posted on the ABTA website: 

My only complaint about this is the name - "Anytime Learning." Somehow the name seems to imply that these as common-found-around-the-house webinars. 

They aren't. 

For example, can’t sleep because your steroids are kicking in at 3:00 am? Cruise over to Anytime Learning and watch a really good webinar entitled “"The Role of Rehabilitation in the Recovery of Brain Tumor Patients.”

Worried about that series of radiation treatments you have coming up?  Watch their webinar entitled “What Patients Need to Know About Radiation and Nuclear Medicine.”

Other webinars include:
  • "How Neuropathologists Generate Rapid Diagnosis During Surgery"
  • "Endocrine Issues Facing the Pediatric Brain Tumor Patient"
  • "Neuro-Cognitive Issues Related to Children's Brain Tumors"
  • and my favorite, "Understanding Non-Malignant Brain Tumors"
I’m giving the ABTA an “A” for getting these presentations online (and a “D-“ for the name).

*Spiffy? Informative? Helpful? Somehow saying that they're "educational" reminds me of an eighth grade science class and makes me want to run from my room screaming.

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