Monday, July 1, 2013

Trouble remembering? Do aerobics!

Forget where you put your keys? Your wallet? Your pants?[1] If so, you need to start aerobicizing. If you’re already aerobicizing, do more.

When I say “more”, I mean FASTERLONGERHARDER!!!

That’s because everything I read lately says that aerobic exercise helps create more brain cells and improve memory.

This “8 tips to keep your mind sharp” article by Alvaro Fernandez of SHARPBRAINS says that “Do aerobic exercise at least two hours per week. It has to be aerobic such as, jogging, running, or playing an intense sport. Exercising your body is very important, because it helps create new neurons.” -
The smartypants[2] at Lumosity recently posted this on their Facebook page: “Physical exercise can boost your cognition in a number of ways. When you exercise your body, blood flows to your brain, bringing extra cognition-boosting oxygen and energy. In addition, your hippocampus, a brain area critical for learning and memory, is highly active during physical exercise. Recent research even suggests that aerobic exercise may reverse hippocampal shrinkage, which occurs naturally with age.” See
Lastly, and perhaps most scientifically, an article posted on the U.S. National Institute of Health website entitled “The relationship between aerobic exercise and cognition: is movement medicinal?” states that “Aerobic exercise not only has been found to impact cardiovascular systems but has also shown benefits to brain function itself and specifically in the domain of memory and learning.”

So have I been aerobicizing? As a matter of fact, “yes.” Yesterday I biked for 2 – 3 hours. Today I swam a good half hour. And tomorrow I plan to embarrass myself in an aerobics class for an hour or so.[3]
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[1] I did. Just don’t tell anybody.
[2] I say this in only the most positive way possible.
[3] I never do the right thing at the right time.

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