Friday, June 28, 2013

Emily Morrison is like a lot of other young women - except for that inoperable brain tumor

“At 26, Ms. Morrison enjoys going out with friends for a few glasses of wine. She goes to yoga and spin classes. She likes crafts and college football. She's big on shopping and adores jewelry. She's looking for love” says a recent Wall Street Journal article by Melanie Grayce West.

"I don't look sick. I don't look blind. It's really hard, I think, for people to grasp that I have an inoperable brain tumor," says Ms. Morrison.

One thing I love about her is her capacity to live life on her own terms without freakin' out.

Another thing is that she gives back to the brain tumor community by raising $$$ (notice the three dollar signs). She's raised far more than I have (yes, I'm embarrassed).

Here brain tumor walk to raise even more $ was almost two weeks ago, but I'm sure she'll still take donations to help fund BT research at

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