Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Experts by Experience: A compilation of patients’ stories"

Here’s a crazy idea, let’s publish an anthology of columns from patients that focus on the desire (Hope? Assumption? Hallucination?)  “…by patients for their doctors to truly hear them, and consider them a partner in the care process.”
What a wild and crazy idea!? has done this in conjunction with the Stanford University School of Medicine and you can find the free report here:

The report’s preface notes that, “Many patients want to share their stories, to help themselves and others. As Laura Haywood-Cory, a woman with a rare heart disorder, said, ‘As patients, we need to not expect perfection from our doctors until we achieve it in ourselves. And doctors need to give themselves permission to not know everything and to not feel threatened by empowered, educated patients.’”

To me, this seems pretty damn obvious. Of course my neurosurgeon was the irrepressible Dr. Gail Rosseau, and I can’t imagine her feeling threatened.

I like the columns. They’re succinct, poignant, pointed, insightful and heartfelt. Here’s some of the more provocative titles:

  • "Dr. Google: Threat or menace?" by Laura Haywood-Cory
  • "Doctors: Please have “ears that hear” by Judy Peterson
  • "Looking for comfort during a less-than-comfortable diagnosis" by Stan Hardin
 Send me a note with your reactions after you read them.


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