Saturday, October 24, 2015

I love this idea!  I call it “Patient-to-Patient” therapy. Here’s the American Brain tumor Association’s description of this new-to-me initiative:

“In an effort to provide compassion, support and guidance to ease the brain tumor journey, the American Brain Tumor Association CommYOUnity™ Connect program pairs newly-diagnosed brain tumor patients and caregivers with “Mentors” who have been through a similar diagnosis. Often the best "medicine" is talking with someone who has walked in your shoes.”

How great is that? Now brain tumor patients can talk to somebody who knows what it feels like to have been told the shocking news that they have a brain tumor.

This early moment, when the unreality and horror and gravity of the brain tumor diagnosis hits you upside the head like a sledge hammer, the ABTA is taking the special step of finding a way to connect you with somebody who has heard the same horrifying news and had the snot scared out of them.

Importantly the website posting notes that “nce you have submitted your profile you will be redirected to a webpage to schedule a brief conversation with an ABTA Specialist.” The posting concludes saying that “We look forward to speaking with you soon.”

Unfortunately, the ATBA goes on to write that “Please note: The American Brain Tumor Association is currently only matching ABTA CommYOUnity™ Connect members in the United States. Please feel free to still complete the profile and we will keep the information in our secure database for potential future endeavors.”

Here’s the link:

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