Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Buy a Butterfly, Help a Kid: 2016 Ependymoma Day

Of all the bad cancers out there, Ependymoma is one that I really detest.

According to the CERN website - http://cern-foundation.org/ - “An ependymoma is a rare type of primary brain or spinal cord tumor. It occurs in both adults and children. Primary tumors are those that start either the brain or spine. The brain and spine are part of the central nervous system (CNS).

Ependymomas make up about 5% of adult intracranial gliomas and up to 10% of childhood tumors of the central nervous system (CNS). Their occurrence seems to peak at age 5 years and then again at age 35.”

So here’s a crappy cancer that whacks folks in early childhood or, quite possibly, right after they’ve started a career/family.


You (yes, you!) can help. You can buy a butterfly as part of their innovative fund-raising campaign. At $25/butterfly it just may be the best investment you can make this year. With your powerful $25 butterfly you will help support basic research, promote Ependymoma awareness and, when you watch the mass butterfly release, have a big grin on your face knowing that you did something to help victims of this terrible disease.

Here’s the link to buy your butterfly: https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=f10f74

And, as always, I hope my butterfly will be a blue morph.


PS - Yes this is not the most prevalent brain cancer, but it's one that, reading the stories of  affected children and their parents, is most likely to make me weepy. 

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