Monday, June 6, 2016

A great conference for patients, caregivers, friends & family members

I highly recommend this conference. 

You will find great brain tumor surgeons, researchers, victims, caregivers, and friends and family members. I’ve found everybody who attends to be good listeners and full of honest advice and time to listen to you and your concerns.

The opening sentence of the email from the ABTA about the conference says “The ABTA’s annual Patient and Family Conference is where patients, families and caregivers come together to learn more about the latest advances in brain tumor research, treatment and care.” I want to highlight two important words “latest advances.”

If you haven’t been reading all the brain tumor news that’s been spilling out of research studies of late, here’s a good place to get a sense of all the new tools we have to fight brain tumors. The ABTA marketing folks have highlighted that in their first two bullet points saying:

  • “Physicians will present the latest precision medicine treatment options and symptom management techniques for low-grade glioma, high-grade glioma and metastatic brain tumors

  • Researchers and doctors will highlight treatment advances in neurosurgery, radiation and immunotherapy”

Importantly the conference includes “A special session for the newly diagnosed will cover how to navigate the early days of a brain tumor diagnosis and what information patients, families and caregivers would need to know in order to be empowered with information and resources to make informed decisions throughout their treatment and care.”

Please know that the conference costs $100. If you are a victim, caregiver or love one, I believe that you will find this to be a particularly good investment.


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