Tuesday, May 31, 2016

“Living Each Day to the Fullest” – diagnosed with Ependymoma at age 4

I heard some good advice from a guy whose wife’s best friend was diagnosed with glioblastoma, Grade 4, it was something like “enjoy every day.”

I had a hard time with that advice for a while – how could they enjoy life knowing that she had this horrible disease eating away at her, inexorably dragging her into the grave?

I now think differently about this advice. I don’t believe the advice is trite or Pollyanna-ish or divorced from reality. I think its sound advice that reminds us all to cherish what health and family we have while they are with us. 

I know of no other story that tugs on my emotional heart strings as hard as stories about children with cancer, like many of the Ependymoma stories you’ll find on the CERN website.

I’ve attached a link to one such story that brings this idea to life - a story about little four-year-old “Sophia L.” with Intramedullary Ependymoma. You can read about her and her mother here: https://cern-foundation.org/?page_id=6411

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