Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Canadian (Brain) Cancer Survivor Network

If you are a brain tumor victim or caretaker or friend or family member, I would advise you to read blogs and books written by other victims, caretakers, friends and family members. 

When I did, I learned that

  • I’m not the only one struggling with _______ (pick your tumor)
  • Others know how devastating the emotional hurdles are, let alone the chemo and radiation
  • Other people have had these problems and survived

You can find a great listing of brain cancer stories on the Canadian Cancer  Survivor Network: http://survivornet.ca/en/groups/blogs/brain_cancer_2


PS – Importantly, they all ain’t happy stories with Hollywood endings.


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Jenafer Bauerle said...

I feel your pain. The difference with brain tumors specifically is that the impact is strong, whether cancerous or benign. Many have symptoms more connected to location and size rather than type. I appreciate all the information that you include on your blog.