Thursday, May 26, 2016

Latest GBM Insight: Immune Genes Identified that Affect How Long Victims May Live

The lead sentence from an article written by Robert Preidt says it best “Researchers have identified immune genes that may affect how long people live after diagnosis with a common type of brain cancer.” See

He goes on to quote study auther study author Dr. Anhua Wu, of First Hospital of China Medical University in Shenyang, China  who said "We've had luck with other types of cancer in removing the brakes on the immune system to allow it to fight the tumors, but this has not been the case with glioblastoma".

My scatological reaction is “no shit.”

Yet, it’s an important step that no one else has taken.

Preidt goes on to note that “If confirmed in other studies, the researchers say their findings could lead to improved treatment in the future.”

Here’s another important insight from Preidt’s article that, one hopes, identifies a tipping point: “Dr. Rifaat Bashir, a retired neurologist in Reston, Va., wrote an editorial accompanying the study. ‘The looming question in brain cancer research today is whether the launch of immunotherapy will help control an uncontrollable disease,’ Bashir said in the journal news release.”

"While this study does not answer this question, it brings us one step closer to believing that one day we will be able to exploit the immune system to better treat glioblastoma," Bashir noted.

The report was published online May 25 in the journal Neurology -

PS - According to the stock photo site from which I purchased this 3D animation the keywords describing this visual include brain, cancer, cancer cell, dead body, illness, and somewhat surprising to me ""beauty and health" 

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