Thursday, December 22, 2011

His and Her Thyroid Surgeries

At my annual physical last fall my internist felt my neck and felt something he didn’t like…a lump.  He recommended that I get it checked out.

So I had made an ultrasound appointment which confirmed that I had a lump. After consultation with my doctor, I went ahead and had a biopsy. 

The biopsy was inconclusive. So I had a consultation with my surgeon who said that there’s a 20% chance that I have thyroid cancer. He recommended surgery to remove the suspicious mass. 

I thought about it and decided that it’d be pretty silly to survive a brain tumor only to die of thyroid cancer.

So I had the surgery in November; discovered that the mass was benign; and went on my merry way.

At my wife’s annual physical, her internist felt her neck and felt something she didn’t like…a lump.  She recommended that my wife get it check out.

So she made an ultrasound appointment which confirmed that she had a lump.  After consultation with her doctor, she went ahead and had a biopsy.

The biopsy tested positive for cancer.

So she had surgery in December. It was successful. And she, too, has gone on her merry way.

Merry Christmas?


JimDeLine said...

Hey. It was success and success. So, yes. Merry Christmas!

John's Brain said...

You're right, it was a Merry Christmas - we were both more thankful than usual.