Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Love the Georgetown Lombardi Arts & Humanities Program (and I’ve only read about it)

Somebody smart once told me a good way to get a traumatic event (like a brain tumor) out of your head was to write it down. The Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center - http://lombardi.georgetown.edu/artsandhumanities/index.html - does all that and more. 

What do I mean, “more?”

Well, according to their website “Painting, weaving, drawing, beadwork, basketry, quilling, collage, quilting and needlework are some of the activities offered while waiting for appointments, during chemotherapy treatment, or when confined to inpatient areas. Participants engaged in art making report feeling relaxed, productive and happy.”

I’ve corresponded with Nancy Morgan who runs the “Writing & Health Initiative” and learned that “each week, two writing workshops called ‘Writing for your Health’ are offered for people with cancer and other community members.”

How cool is that?

Their website also describes their music and emerging theater programs.

Of course I didn’t learn about all this on my own. The wonderful and talented Amy Marash of cancer is SO FUNNY - http://cancerissofunny.blogspot.com - told me about Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and their wonderful programs.

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