Friday, October 4, 2013

Top 30 Highlights from the 2013 SharpBrains Virtual Summit

Here’s a link to a SharpBrains’ list of 30 highlights from their recent Virtual Summit

Some of the highlights are, in my amateur opinion, “for professionals only.” Others seem more relevant to us patients/victims/new normal folks.

Here’s three “highlights” that I wished I’d seen:

  • It takes 17 years to translate scientific/ medical discoveries into health practice — far too long given current needs. New models of discovery and translation, based on sharing and collaboration, can help close gap. (Misha Pavel)
  • The current frameworks for brain health diagnosis and care are based on insufficient evidence and on pharmacological interventions that seldom work. (Robert Bilder)
  • How people can develop new habits to rewire the brain and build resiliency. (Evian Gordon)

If you watched any of these presentations and, perhaps more importantly understood them, please shoot me a note.


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