Monday, October 28, 2013

“Watch & Wait” – Advice That Drives Victims Nuts

There’s a great discussion tree on the American Brain Tumor Association’s Inspire blog about the “Wait and Watch” advice that many meningioma brain tumor victims get from their neurosurgeons:
As best I can tell, the comments/reactions fall into two camps.
  1. Total and Immediate panic. This is the most natural and immediate response. “Ohmigod, I have this thing growing inside my head and it’s going to kill me!  Can we operate this afternoon and get it out?” 
  2. Major League Denial. “Ok, I see the MRI which shows that there’s a tumor as big as my wife’s fist, but do I really need to have an operation? Can we wait another month or two and see if the seizures halt and the tumor growth stops? I hate hospitals, knives and needles. Aren’t we rushing things a bit?
Inspire isn’t the only brain tumor forum with discussion like this. Here’s a link to a similar discussion on The Cancer Forums:

As always, I also checked other brain tumor blogs that I follow. Here’s a heartfelt  March 15th, 2012 posting from THELIZARMY with the headline of “Screw ‘watch and wait’… keep fightin'” -

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