Monday, December 9, 2013

Melatonin and Cancer

 I first learned of Melatonin as a possible cancer-fighting agent from this discussion on the ABTA’s Inspire website: (You have to register to access it – no cost)

Several victims said they initially started using it to help them sleep. Others said that they are using it in tandem with Temodar because they believe it helps fight GBM.

I then zipped over to and found their page on Melatonin -  In plain English that even I understood, WebMD first explained that Melatonin is primarily used to help folks get a good night sleep. Then, interestingly, the page explained that:

“It may be that melatonin, when taken as a supplement, can stop or slow the spread of cancer, make the immune system stronger, or slow down the aging process. But these areas need more research.”

Interesting, very interesting.

To corroborate this, I scooted over to the American Cancer Society site which said that: “Study results regarding the effect of melatonin supplements on survival and quality of life in people with cancer have been mixed, and further research in this area is needed.”

Ok, what does “mixed” mean? What does “more study is needed mean?” If you think I know, guess again. “More study is needed” often means some poor researcher wants to get funded and be able to buy groceries next year. It could also mean maybe, just maybe, there’s something there.

If you’ve had success, failure or mixed results with Melatonin, shoot me an email.


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