Sunday, December 1, 2013

“There have been very few new brain tumor therapies in the last thirty years, but there is hope.”

This is a quote from the “Legislative Agenda” of the National Brain Tumor Society:

While I am a big supporter of the NBTS, I was appalled by that summary – “There have been very few new brain tumor therapies in the last thirty years.”

I feel all of us – victims, caregivers, researchers, etc. – are lost in some unknowable maze as we try to find the map that gets us out of this mess and onto some viable, walkable, believable path.

It also made me think, “What have we been doing for the past thirty years? Why aren’t we making any progress? Who’s in charge? When do they get their performance review?”

It also reminds me of Rick Page who famously wrote a book entitled Hope is Not a Strategy. And while his book is all about complex sales processes, I think it’s relevant here as “hope” is not a formula for success in any business, let alone the wretched brain tumor business.

As far as I’m concerned we need to ashcan whatever process/roadmap/strategy we’ve been using and do something different.

So if this quote disturbs you, makes you mad, gives you a rash or makes you want to run to the nearest bar and order a pitcher of boilermakers, hold on. Because Clifton Leaf has been just as mad and crazed and disturbed. Only he didn’t run to the nearest bar and get drunk*. He spent years investigating this madness and has figured out how to fix this stupid, broke "cure cancer" system. You can read about in his book entitled The Truth in Small Doses:

If you’ve read this far, get this book, read it, and then tell others about it. 


*Actually, I don’t really know if he went to the nearest bar and got drunk or not. Given everything he learned and everything he’s written, I hope to buy him a drink someday.

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