Thursday, January 30, 2014

Experience Project: “Find People who understand you”

Have a brain tumor or know somebody who has a brain tumor? Want to connect them with other brain tumor victims or caregivers? Experience Project is another online forum for sharing brain tumor experiences. Here’s their link:
Experience Project describes itself as “…the world's largest living collection of shared experiences and the premier passions-based network, experience project is a comfortable and supportive place for individuals to share and connect with others around the things that matter to them most. With over 24 experience categories, experience project is the definitive online social conversation destination for people to connect with others who really get ‘it’ -and them.”

Are they the world’s largest? Who knows? But their website claims that they have nearly 36 million “Life experiences from people like you.” That seems like a whole lot.

According to the site, “Armen Berjikly, a Stanford graduate, started experience project after first creating a support community for multiple sclerosis patients. How did he start down this path, you ask? Inspired by a friend's diagnosis with the debilitating illness, Armen built a positive community chartered on empowering patients through knowledge. Along the way, the forum portion of the site became the most powerful tool of all. It gave voice to a group of people known to suffer in silence, and the opportunity to be among new friends, those who truly understood each other's challenges.”

If you try it and like it, please let me know. My favorite brain tumor community sites are: