Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Beautiful Bad-Ass Brain Tumor Blogger: “The Everywhereist”

I love reading brain tumor blogs. I especially like blogs written by Beautiful Bad-Ass Brain Tumor Bloggers. One of my favorites is “The EveryWhereist.”

It’s raw, sardonic, sarcastic, indulgent, scatological, stream-of-consciousness writing that makes you feel like she’s sitting across from you at a great coffee shop and doesn’t give a shit who hears her … because she knows she’s in the fight of her life with a relentless, deadly, diabolical brain tumor that is attacking her brain with all its force and venom and trickery.

The fact that she named her tumor “Steve,” is both hilarious and telling. If you read nothing else, read why she named her brain tumor “Steve.” (I named my tumor “The Blob.”)


PS - If you have a brain tumor blogger you love, send me a note.

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