Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cell Phones, Brain Tumors & Worrying

I am convinced that making a ton of phone calls with your cell phone glued to your ear is a bad idea; a horrible idea; a potentially brain tumor-causing idea.

This video by Dr. Thornton just confirms my fears by explaining that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones has been implicated in causing some kinds of brain tumors:

Now that I’m especially paranoid, what do I do? Throw my cell phone in the trash can? Luckily, Dr. Miller had this some practical advice for me on the same website:

Havening watched that, I zipped over to the National Cancer Institute site on the NIH website for their POV. Their information was cautiously uncommitted; which is another way of saying that they believe there should be a link/association/relation but nobody’s found it yet. You can read their comments here:
Having read and written all that, I’m still worried about my kids who seem to have their cell phones grafted onto their ears.


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