Saturday, January 21, 2012

He nailed it…his head. No, really, his own head.

According to an article in today’s Chicago Tribune, on Tuesday Dante Autullo, who lives in the Chicago area, shot a nail into his own head with a nail gun.

And that’s not the weird part.

The weird part is that he didn’t go to the hospital until 36 hours later because it really didn’t hurt that bad. Which is really weird when you look at the X-ray (see picture).

According to the article, “The point of the nail entered cleanly without sending fragments of bone into the delicate tissue of the brain. The flat head of the nail kept it from penetrating too deeply and held it in place securely, just as if it had been driven into a two-by-four, Schaffer said. During a two-hour operation, he drilled two holes on opposite sides of the nail head and lifted out a small piece of bone with the nail stuck in it.

The portion of the brain the nail struck, on the upper right side in the back of Autullo's head, controls some motor functions, but because he has so far showed no side effects, he probably won't,” said the operating doctor from Advocate Christ Medical Center.

I’m not sure what to make of this. I read horrific stories in blogs about victims of brain tumors and traumatic brain injuries who did nothing foolish or silly and yet wound up with a debilitating disease or handicap.  And then this mope shoots a 3 ½ inch nail into his own head and nothing happens to him.

To quote Steve McCroskey, it “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.”

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