Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MRS = Mucho Relief, Sigh

Last week I was still waiting for an official assessment of my MRS (i.e. MRI – Spectroscopy) test from my neurosurgeon. Was I a “patient” patient?  


Ironically I spent most of last week preparing to co-teach a class on “Early Response Teams” that I trained for while attending the Disaster Academy earlier in the year. (Early Response Teams are the “second wave” that enters a disaster area following first responders after a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado or flood.)

In a lot of ways, last week could have been a personal disaster.

A very real scenario was: 1) doing a sub-par job in co-teaching the class, 2) being denied certification as an Early Response Team teacher and 3) learning that I my tumor, which I have named “The Blob”, was starting to grow again.

At 7:00 pm the night before my presentation, I got an email saying that my neurosurgeon thought that The Blob was still in remission even though it seems to have grown some due to swelling from the radiation.


I went on to teach my class and take the next step in ERT certification.

For some reason, the “up” of having a good MRI is never more than relief at having dodged a bullet again.  I now have another three months to make whoopee before my next MRI.

I can’t wait for the day that I my brain tumor check-ups are once every twelve months…like my melanoma check-ups.

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