Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tyler & Ben Hansbrough’s Older Brain Cancer Survivor Brother

Here’s a great story about Greg Hansbrough – Tyler and Ben Hansbrough’s older brother. For those of you who don’t follow U.S. basketball, Tyler Hansbrough is an American professional basketball player who had an outstanding collegiate career. As Michigan State Spartan alumni, I have to say that I wasn’t Tyler's greatest fan…mostly because he was so good, so tenacious and so tough to beat.

I now understand that he got much of that from his older brother, Greg, who has fought brain cancer with the same toughness and tenacity.

Here’s a link to a well-written article about both Hansbrough brothers by Dana Hunsinger Benbow, of USA TODAY Sports: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/2013/03/13/indiana-pacers-tyler-hansbrough-ben-hansbrough-greg-hansbrough/1985373/

I like the article because it provides an unflinching survivor story with a happy ending.  According to the March 18th, 2013 story "When Greg first got diagnosed, he wasn't given much of a chance," said Tyler, 27, as he sat on the Pacers practice court at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Monday. 

"I watched him overcome obstacles that most people never see in their lifetime," Tyler told The Indianapolis Star.

"What he's been through, he's a fighter. He's a warrior," said Ben. "He's been a fighter his whole life."

Benbow goes on to write that “Fighter for sure. Although surgery to remove the tumor was successful, doctors thought Greg would never walk again. He not only walked, but he ran.
He played basketball for four years at his high school in Poplar Bluff, Mo. He ran track. He's played soccer and run marathons as an adult even though the surgery had long-term effects on the left side of his body. He can't move his left hand or the toes on his left feet.”

Both Ben and Tyler have come out as a celebrity spokesmen for Voices Against Brain Cancer -http://www.voicesagainstbraincancer.org/ - to raise awareness and brain cancer research funding.

It’s a nice story that’s well-written. I highly recommend that you read it…especially if you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer and are searching for stories of folks who have battled this horribly disease and won.

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