Sunday, April 6, 2014

“'Benign' Does Not Mean 'Harmless' - Exploding the Myth Behind 'Benign' Brain Tumors”

That’s the title of an insightful and poignant article written by Emma Flixton and posted on the home page of It’s Just Benign:
Here’s the first paragraph: 

“The phrase ‘brain tumor’ brings panic and despair, the word ‘benign’ intense relief. So great is this sense of relief, in fact, that many people appear to equate the ‘benign’ status of a brain tumor with a declaration that the condition is nothing to worry about – or even with a sort of cure. The implication of the word ‘benign’ in many people’s view is that they no longer have to worry about and support the sufferer. This view fails to take into account that the symptoms which drove the sufferer to the doctor in the first place are usually still present, despite the tumor’s ‘benign’ status, and often still causing significant problems. Indeed, once a tumor is classified as benign, friends and family members who have previously supported the sufferer through their affliction may even come to think of the patient as a malingerer, making a mountain out of a molehill, and not in need of support. 

The prevailing ‘Oh, but it’s benign! You’re fine!’ attitude can be intensely frustrating for people who have to live with these supposedly ‘innocent’ brain tumors. Just because such tumors may not be immediately life-threatening (although some of them do, in fact, present a significant threat to life) does not mean that they are not life-affecting.”
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 In either case it’s a bargin, especially if you are a victim or caregiver or friend/relative of either.

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