Monday, January 21, 2013

Amy Marash and her “cancer is SO FUNNY” Book & Blog

This is my favorite Amy Marash cartoon which she has entitled: “WHY COLON CANCER DOESN'T HAVE A GOOD RIBBON”

If you haven’t read Amy’s blog or seen any of her other cartoons, stop reading this right now and go to:

What you’ll find is a great visualization of the cancer emotional spectrum: from fear to anger to confusion to despair to incipient hope to sorrow to sadness to courage…and I probably missed a few.

She selected some of her drawings for a wonderful book by the same name. If you know of somebody going through the agony of cancer detection/treatment, this book might help them. It might also help a caregiver or victim’s friend or somebody just interested in how an artist can create wonderfully evocative visuals in the throes of a life or death struggle.

My one complaint about her book is that it is too short. You can buy a copy here:

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