Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beautiful Bad-Ass Brain Tumor Bloggers: Kaylin Andres Spotlight

When I came home from the hospital without a good chunk of my skull (resected due to an infection from my surgery) I yearned to find folks like me –brain tumor victims who were fighting a battle against a seemingly relentless and demonic disease.

Almost through sheer luck, I then discovered an entire tribe of brutally honest, utterly defiant and powerfully angry brain tumor and cancer bloggers. They were sick; they were mad and they were going to tell the world about it.

One of my favorite Bad-Ass Brain Tumor Bloggers is Kaylin Andres. Her blog is sardonically entitled Cancer is Hilarious which, of course, means it’s not.  As I’ve previously written, she writes about her medical and health challenges with intimacy and rage and honesty that makes me feel likes she’s talking to her best friend over coffee.

As of Feb. 4th she was in the hospital and wrote wonderfully about her latest surgery. Here’s a link to that posting:
If you read it, be sure to click the “flipping the bird” link.


PS – If you’d like to nominate another Beautiful Bad-Ass Brain Tumor Blogger for a “spotlight” posting, send me a note.

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