Thursday, July 3, 2014

ABTA Webinar: “Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors”

Immunotherapy is a hot topic in the world of brain tumor treatment. So I thought you all should know about this timely (and free) American Brain Tumor Association webinar on immunotherapy from Dr. Parney, associate professor of Neurosurgery, at Mayo Clinic.

If you, like me, had no idea what immunotherapy is or does, the webinar promo blurb explains that immunotherapy  is all about stimulating the immune system to fight cancer and recent research points to this as a promising strategy for malignant brain tumors – see   

According to the promotional email, this webinar will review approaches to cancer immunotherapy including immune-modifying agents and cancer vaccines.  Lastly, and I like this part, Dr. Parney will discuss current opportunities to participate in brain tumor immunotherapy clinical trials.

Want to learn more or sign up? Here’s a link:

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Anonymous said...

Hey John. Were you able to attend the webinar? I had a question since I wasn't able to attend. Did the DCVax trial come up?

John's Brain said...

I wasn't able to attend, so I don't know if the DCVax trial came up.