Monday, November 3, 2014

College Basketball Brain Tumor Victim Gets Shots of a Lifetime, Makes Both

Brain Tumor victim news generally comes in two forms: bad and worse. Occasionally, though, this worst of diseases brings out the best in people. When I mean the “best,” I mean “compassion”, “empathy” and “caring” that sometimes can only be seen or read or experienced with a smile on your face.

Since this brain tumor business doesn’t bring many smiles, especially lately, here’s a story about brain tumor victim Lauren Hill receiving the Pat Summit Award this past weekend which should do just that:

AP Writer Gary Graves writes about a game where inoperable brain tumor victim Lauren Hill, got a chance to make a couple of baskets. In fact, according to Graves, “…the freshman forward for Division III Mount St. Joseph's stirred a capacity crowd just by taking the court.”

He went on to write that “Much depends on Hill's health and energy as she deals with an inoperable brain tumor that has left her with just months to live. In between making two layups that started and finished Sunday's 66-55 victory over Hiram College and brought a crowd of 10,250 to its feet she spent much of her inspiring game sitting on the bench wearing sunglasses and headphones.”

That’s because “Hill's condition has made her extremely sensitive to sensations her teammates and opposing players take for granted, but she still enjoyed the bright gym and the cheering crowd. And she certainly savored her two baskets on a day she will never forget.”

I hope you read the story and it brings a smile to your face, too.


PS – And here's a link to the NBC News segment by John Yang on Lauren that appeared last night: