Wednesday, December 10, 2014

No Scar Brain Surgery (through your nose)

Yes, you read that right.  The Cleveland Clinic has made a video about its performing brain tumor which doesn’t leave a scar:
I’ve always thought of the brain tumor surgery scar as insult to injury: as you’re recovering from brain surgery, you’ve got to walk around with this nasty scar that shouts “This guy’s brain damaged!”.

I had brain surgery and, as you can see, have a big honking scar.

But the Dr. Raj Sindwani of the Cleveland Clinic was able to perform surgery on Robert Matthews’ meningioma brain tumor by sticking instruments up through his nose (now that just sounds painful) without leaving the big honking scar that I got. Since many meningioma victims are women, that whole scar thing is especially insulting, if not demeaning, to them.

You can read a very short blurb about it here: