Monday, November 2, 2015

I love infographics. I tend to think visually and infographics help me see interactions and interrelationships that I just don’t grasp when reading.

There is a great interactive infographic on the “Side Effects of Chemotherapy on the Body” posted at And while I post information about the terrors of brain tumors, I find that I’m not very good at reporting on the side effects of chemo treatments, which are horrible, horrifying and debilitating. 

The good folks at have boiled down this information into bite-sized pieces that victims, caregivers, friends and families can more easily digest and understand.  The graphic above isn’t interactive or as informative. So whack this URL - - into your browser and get great information that us non-medical professionals can understand.

If you are a reader, I’ve always thought that the chemo section of the book “Life, on the Line” by Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, does a great job of explaining the pain and suffering of trying to survive chemo as well as anything I’ve read.
If you’re a millennial, and like a story to go with your pictures, I recommend “Terminally Illin’ – ‘Chaos in Humanhattan’”.  Here’s a link to my blog post on that wonderful manga-like story:


PS – I didn’t find this infographic by myself. Ms. Nicole Lascurain of sent it to me. And while I don’t believe she’s part of some nefarious plot, the website does have advertising. So please be sure to read with care.


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