Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MRI Today

I had a MRI today. It’s part of my regular follow-up after last summer’s radiation treatment. I’ll learn next week if the tumor is still in remission.

My last MRI showed some growth, but my neurosurgeon was quick to say that it was just a little bit and nothing to worry about.

Sometimes I find it hard to “live in the moment” when you know that a MRI result could change your life.

At the same time, I feel somewhat powerless, if it’s growing it’s growing…and there isn’t much I can do to prevent it.

Part of me says, “Go for the gusto while you can!”

But, I’m trying not slip into “worry-dom” as much as I’m trying not to go “Gusto-crazy” (as much as Schlitz would like me to).

Next week should be in interesting.

PS – Didn’t grow up with Schlitz commercials?  Here’s a link to one:

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