Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do people care about your brain tumor? If you haven’t Reddit, you don’t know it.

My daughter told me about a recent and popular Reddit posting by a young twenty-something with a GBM brain tumor who believes she only has a few months to live. She started her Reddit online posting saying “Today is my 23rd birthday and probably my last. Anything awesome I should try before I die?”. 

She explained her post saying: 

I have glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a highly aggressive form of brain cancer. I had the tumor removed in March 2011, but I just learned that it has begun to regrow in my brainstem. The tumor is inoperable, and the standard of care for recurrent GBM only offers a few extra months of survival. I'm enrolling in a clinical trial, but no one knows if this treatment will be effective. Unless this treatment is the next big drug for GBM, my estimated survival is less than 6 months. Because the tumor is fast-growing and in my brainstem (controls many vital functions) it will kill me quickly.

If you have lost faith in the human race, go to this link and read the comments, suggestions and hospitality offers she gets (and, of course, there's also some rather odd suggestions).  Folks offer her use of their vacation homes, give her bucket-list recommendations and tell her about alternative treatment options and doctors.

Reading this gave me a Zach-like glow.


PS - If you don’t know it, Reddit ( is “a type of online community where users vote on content” to be displayed. And, like a popularity contest, the hottest stories rise to the top, while cooler stories sink into some hard-to-find, obscure closet.

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