Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Google’s THINK QUARTERLY: Lumosity, Neurotopia, BodyWave

Google’s THINK QUARTERLY provides “insights and outlooks on the digital future.” It’s current theme is “The Play Issue” and in that issue it focuses in on Lumosity, but also talks about Neurotopia and BodyWave.

The first two paragraphs of the article does a nice job of describing the landscape: “In the US, patients with neurological conditions, professional athletes, and anyone interested in improving the way their brain works are increasingly being given a prescription to play.

Welcome to the contentious field of cognitive training.
Proponents claim that a daily dose of computer games can make you more focused, boost memory and processing speed, quicken your decision-making, and improve your problem-solving ability. “Outrageous hyperbole,” say cynics for whom the notion that brain performance can be altered through play is a frivolous misreading of the facts.“

Here’s link to the article written by Ian Wylie:

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