Friday, August 31, 2012

More on Fake Cancer Victims

I just read Kaylin Andres’ most recent blog regarding cancer fakers, i.e. losers who pretend to have cancer to get sympathy/attention/etc. That she has to give advice on how to spot cancer hoaxers makes my head hurt _____ (insert your own bon mot). 

As usual, she writes with passion and angst and horror about all this. Here’s a link to her site:  If you go there, be sure to read the comments posted on that blog posting.

Kaylin also posted a link to a posting by Adrian Chen, who notes that cancer hoaxes aren’t particularly new. They’ve been around for years. His article/story, The Long, Fake Life of J.S. Dirr: A Decade-Long Internet Cancer Hoax Unravels, is illuminating and depressing. You can read it here:


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