Monday, November 19, 2012 is inspirational

If you’ve just discovered that you have a brain tumor, or just discovered that somebody close to you has a brain tumor or are somebody recovering from a brain tumor, you should discover the American Brain Tumor Association’s Inspire website –


Well, for starters, you’ll read about other victims and caretakers who are going through the same crazy/stressful/frightening experiences that you are. The brain tumor community is wonderfully supportive. If you post a question, complaint or observation, or information request, expect to get a ton of responses.

I just looked at the recent postings and the topics/headlines include:
  • NF1 & seizures & disabilities
  • Disabled from resection, in wait & see, is there anyone out like me?
  • New Medicine, blessed relief
  • I just wanted to ask a question,are brain tumors hereditary?
  • Pineal Cyst/tumor Need someone who has one to talk to
If any of these topics strike a chord, register and log onto


Anonymous said...

I just saw Fran Lewis' post on fb w/your blog site. Am an author but also an NP and do pro-bono work with women with cancer. I think I'm going to read some very wonderful things here following your blog site. Please also feel free to connect back up with me if you'd like. If you ever want to chat just PM me on fb, you'd be most welcome.

NITA said...


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