Monday, December 17, 2012

Integrative Cancer Care, Jeannine Walston & EmbodiWorks

I just read a heart-felt brain tumor survivor story in The Huffington Post from Jeannine Walston of These couple of paragraphs grabbed my eyeballs:

“Sometimes life makes people return to difficult places and experiences for survival. For me, that includes my second awake brain surgery in September 2011. My first brain surgery in 1998 and recovery was completely new to me. Since then, I have come to understand some essential health and healing components needed when dealing with cancer. Cancer care cannot only address the cancer diagnosis and instead must support the whole person.

With brain surgery twice saving my life, I'm experiencing once again how the separation of conventional with integrative cancer treatments must end. Integrative cancer care combines conventional cancer therapies with whole person cancer care of full body, mind and spirit, including social and environmental health. Over the last several months, I've been creating my integrative cancer care plan post-surgery.” Her article goes on to list her self-care strategies.

Want to read more?  Here’s a link to her article:

If you go to the Embodiworks website, you’ll read this mission statement: “EmbodiWorks is creating a better world through integrative cancer care education and advocacy to reduce cancer risk and improve cancer-related survival, quality of life, and whole person health care.” I like this idea. If you do too, and want to learn more, here’s a link:

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