Monday, December 10, 2012

Being Cancer Network: An Important Website

Feel like nobody else has your kind (Colo-rectal? Kidney?  Hodgkins?) of cancer? Want to read about ther victims grappling with the same problems you’re wrestling with? Go to the Being Cancer Network - - and read one of the 1,500 or so blogs sorted by the following categories:

Brain Cancer            Liver – Lung
Breast Cancer          Lymphoma
Colo-Rectal               Miscellaneous
Grief Blogs                Multiple Myeloma
Gynecologic              Neuroblastoma
Head & Neck            Prostate
Hodgkin’s                 Sarcomas
Kidney Cancer         Skin – Thyroid

Personally, I tend to focus on the brain tumor blogs. Some blogs are well-written. Some are heart-felt, and many are a combination of the two.  

In addition to the 1500_ blogs there are also:  
  • Guest posts by other cancer survivors
  • Reviews of cancer books and movies
  • Essays on living with cancer
  • Honor Roll for Excellence in Cancer Writing
 I have this site bookmarked…and if you give it a look, I think you will bookmark it too.


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