Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cancer, hope & spiritual support

Here’s a link to an article by Lisa Black, Chicago Tribune reporter, about the cancer patient spiritual support groups:,0,7678156.story?page=2
Is this all hocus-pocus? Grasping for straw time?

Black, while remaining objective, notes that studies have shown that spiritual well-being, especially when defined as "a sense of meaning and peace," has a significant association with cancer patients' ability to continue to enjoy life despite severe pain or fatigue, according to the National Cancer Institute.

She also quotes Rev. Percey McCray Jr., a Zion, Illinois minister who notes that “medical advancements have allowed many to live longer with cancer, yet spirituality, “is viewed as supplementary. It’s viewed as almost an afterthought.”

You can read the full article in the paper or digital subscription Monday, May 5th edition of the Chicago Tribune on page 5. The truncated online version leaves out, in my opinion some important insights, thoughts and reflections.

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